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Atelier Biagetti prepare for yet another Salone sensation with their new concept, ‘No Sex’

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If last year’s collection (Body Building) is anything to go by, then Atelier Biagetti’s Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari are certain to blow all expectations out of the water yet again. 

Teaming up once more with curator Maria Cristina Didero for this year’s Salone del Mobile, Atelier Biagetti’s typical provocation (elevating the apparently mundane through the use of precious materials and exquisite craftsmanship and ironic execution) returns with a new-found focus: sex. Here, we unveil the world premier of their teaser video explaining the new concept and collection. 

‘No Sex reflects our personal answer to the multi-faceted idea of sex in contemporary life. Or more aptly the perception of it,’ explains Biagetti. ‘We imagined a sort of pink-clinic, where pink has a positive idea… a sort of clinic-cum-retreat, where you can go to have ‘treatments’ or ‘cures’, depending on your level of hypochondria. A place to re-establish your inner equilibrium regarding that traditionally taboo subject of sex.’ Although details remain under wraps, we hear their materials will run the gamut, ranging from shiny alumniums to champagne pink brass, translucent latex and all-natural rubber. 

In typical Biagetti fashion, the collection will go beyond the realm of furniture (‘the objects we choose to surround ourselves with are not static and lifeless, they are like actors that play their part in the theatre of our home,’ Baldassari puts it) so expect live performances and (sexy) uniforms. In short, they’re going to nail it. 

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