Rijks Studio’s Digital Innovation think tank

We host a discussion on digital innovation to celebrate the Rijksmuseum's groundbreaking virtual venture

The Rijksmuseum (opens in new tab) in Amsterdam is scheduled to reopen its doors in April 2013 following an ambitious 10-year renovation programme. In the build up to its relaunch, the art museum launched Rijks Studio (opens in new tab) last week - a groundbreaking new digital collection of 125,000 objects from the museum's collection, accessible to all for free. And to celebrate its unveiling, the museum teamed up with Wallpaper* to host a discussion on digital innovation.

Moderated by Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Tony Chambers, the Digital Innovation Think Tank tackled a range of pertinent, digitally-focused issues, including the democratisation of art in virtual realms and the boundary between reproduction and plagiarism.