Streetwise: You're on the road to safety and comfort with Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, with the car reacting to traffic and recognising potential obstacles
City streets: The urban environment is transformed thanks to Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, with the car reacting to traffic and recognising potential obstacles. The Brake Assist system BAS Plus with Cross-Traffic Assist is, for the first time, now able to detect crossing traffic and pedestrians, while Mercedes’ Active Parking Assist can find a suitable spot as the car drives down a street, then turn the wheels automatically to guide the vehicle into the space with precision.
(Image credit: Luke Kirwan, Filip Dujardin)

The modern city is a fluid, dynamic space, a visual cacophony of distractions and diversions. The open road offers its own challenges, be it concentration, conditions or other drivers’ unpredictability. Driving today is a compromise between plodding predictability, unavoidable delays and pure pleasure. Mercedes-Benz believes driving should be enjoyed. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive occupies the zone between you, the car and the world outside, providing a layer of visionary technology to enhance your journey.

The culmination of many decades of research, Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is also the world’s most sophisticated in-car safety system, helping keep your eyes on the road, while constantly monitoring the traffic and surroundings to ensure your Mercedes-Benz reacts to its environment. The new E-Class [Fuel consumption combined: 10.5-4.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 246-107 g/km*] has safety at its core, thanks to a bundle of systems that use radar sensors and stereo cameras. Brake Assist BAS Plus, Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus proximity control help you to maintain a safe distance from the car in front and are in a constant state of advanced readiness, ensuring that human reaction times are paired with the maximum safety inputs.

Fail to spot an approaching hazard or brake too softly and Pre-Safe Brake and Brake Assist BAS Plus will safely apply up to the maximum brake pressure and can prevent an accident or lessen its severity. Distronic Plus with Steering Assist helps to keep the car within the designated lane. And the ultimate in urban conveniences is the Stop&Go Pilot, which will slot your Mercedes into position in an ongoing stream of traffic and maintain speed, direction and distance for as long as you keep your hands on the wheel.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is much more than safety systems you hope you’ll never need to use. As well as dynamic, near-autonomous control of lane-keeping and travelling in heavy traffic, there’s also Mercedes’ Active Parking Assist. Able to find a suitable spot as the car drives down a street, Active Parking Assist can guide the vehicle into the space with pinpoint accuracy. Finally, there are the technologies that support and enhance your awareness. Attention Assist monitors your driving style, determining whether you need a break, while Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus uses advanced LED lighting technology to shape the headlight beams to avoid dazzling oncoming cars.

Mercedes has always sought to advance the relationship between its cars, drivers and the environment. It is a pioneer in automotive intelligence, creating systems that improve the way its vehicles interact with drivers and the road. In the past, infrastructure has been bent to accommodate the demands of the vehicle, but today the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, placing the onus on cars and drivers to respect and adapt to the built environment. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is an important step on the path to autonomous and accident-free driving. With it, Mercedes-Benz has brought us closer than ever to the truly intelligent automobile.

*The data does not relate to a specific vehicle and is not part of the specification, but merely for the purpose of comparing different vehicle types. The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation "PKW-EnVKV" and apply to the German market only.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive goes far beyond a standard cruise control system

Motorways: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive goes far beyond a standard cruise control system. Distronic Plus proximity control with Steering Assist keeps you a safe distance from the car ahead, while Steering Assist helps you to keep your car straight in the lane. Attention Assist monitors steering patterns, to warn you if you need a break.

(Image credit: Filip Dujardin, Luke Kirwan)

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Country roads: Brake Assist BAS Plus is a vital safety net, constantly scanning the road ahead for obstacles and changing conditions. If you don't see a fast-approaching hazard, or brake too softly in response, Pre-Safe Brake and Brake Assist BAS Plus will automatically apply up to full braking power to halt the car or lessen an accident's severity with a minimum of fuss, while Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus headlights can adapt and react to oncoming traffic.

(Image credit: Filip Dujardin, Luke Kirwan)

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