When a home fragrance finds its inspiration in one of the greatest love stories in Chinese culture, it rouses curiosity.

JIA has just launched its Aroma Collection, an offering inspired by the literary narrative of Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China’s four Great Classical Novels written by Cao Xueqin. Playing on the concept of how the sense of smell strengthens without the interference of a visual, the Hong Kong-based brand is creating a range of unique, minimal designs of cold air diffusers, conceived so that we focus on scent rather than ornamentals.

The Aureole Cold-Air Diffuser designed by JIA Design Team lead by Spencer Hung particularly caught our eye. Made from an elegant glass sphere, brass sheet and essential oils of your choice, the diffuser needs neither water nor heating to work. The design is as poetic as the legend that has lead to its creation. In Chinese mythology, the Goddess Nüwa, guardian of heaven and earth, built the four pillars that held up the firmament, protecting mankind from harm. The aroma represents Nüwa, who lingers between both realms, heaven and earth.