’Beauty is about purity. In purity, less is more,’ says Farah Sakhi, the founder of beauty brand Sakhi Copenhagen, which she established last year, is putting a twist on Scandi beauty, as we know it.

Of Afghan-Persian origin, Farah, who is Scandinavian-born, raised and educated in Copenhagen, fuses a modern Nordic approach with timeless Eastern traditions of healing and wellness. Her range is made up of just four organic skin and hair remedies that find its basis on organic nigella oil, a bioactive superseed or blackseed that is also known in Arabic as ’the blessed seed’.

Organic nigella ‘hair potion’ with cedar wood and peppermint

Each with a base of nigella oil, the collection comprises a nourishing face oil infused with orange blossom and mandarin; a hair remedy, containing cedar wood and peppermint; rose and cardamom nourish the hands in Sakhi’s Hand Therapy cream; and finally, its Healer’s Balm is a multi-use remedy made using litsea, frankincense and bergamot.

Containing only pure organic ingredients – ’never anything artificial that our Persian great-grandmothers wouldn’t apply to their own faces’, as Farah explains – the brand’s range adapts timeless remedies to our more contemporary needs.