The conflation of travel and lifestyle is a process that’s been underway for several decades. The apotheosis of the movement is surely achieved by the luxury travel journals created by writer, editor and Wallpaper* contributor Clara Le Fort. Her unerring eye for an experience, a fine destination and the very best way to get between them shapes the second volume of this inspirational series, Once in a Lifetime.

Subtitled ‘Places to go for travel and leisure’, the volume splices hedonism with cultural exploration, seeking out hotels, B&Bs and retreats with an eclectic mix of styles. You won’t find any clean, white-walled Schrager-style international chains here, just the very best in armchair travelling under the direction of a keen-eyed enthusiast. Desk-bound dreamers will lap it up, as will another target market; the new breed of global hoteliers eager to infuse a destination with design, craft and spirit of place. All that’s missing is a map and a checklist.