Perhaps it’s because of its association with movies about rebellious teenagers and ditzy blondes that we’re not normally fans of chewing gum. We’re willing to make an exception, however, for the newly launched Peppersmith.
Sweetened with wood sugar from beech trees and peppermint grown in Hampshire (there are also no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or aspartame), it’s touted as the first British all-natural chewing gum that’s also approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.
But what seals the deal for us is Peppersmith’s clever packaging. Each box slides out of its case to reveal a moustachioed icon like Salvador Dali and Charlie Chaplin – the moustache being a sly riff on the company’s stylised mint leaf logo.
And lest it be accused to contributing to unsightly gum street litter, Peppersmith has equipped each case with small slips of Post-It-like paper to wrap up used gum.