Dark star: Khavyar’s sustainably farmed American caviar

(Image credit: Ivan Ruberto)

Pioneering American Caviar brand, Khavyar, offers three different types of Sturgeon caviar farmed from California, Kentucky and Illinois. Pictured: Caviar set, £1,900, by Asprey. Crushed ice, from The Ice Box. 'Arc' bread plate, £50, by Richard Brendon. Caviar spoon, £23, by Thomas Goode. Spoonbill American Caviar, $45 for 1oz; Ikura Salmon caviar, $15 for 1oz; Siberian American Caviar, $630 for 7oz, all from Khavyar

Caviar is best known as a decadent Russian delicacy, but a new US brand is turning that stereotype on its head. Khavyar, an online purveyor based in New Orleans, has assembled a collection of sustainably farmed varieties, both domestically and abroad. While Khavyar offers different types of roes sourced from Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Israel, it’s the selection gleaned from American waters that has us taking notice. Harking back to the 19th century, when caviar was found in abundance in the US, Khavyar offers three different types of Sturgeon caviar farmed from California, Kentucky and Illinois.

Inky black in appearance and offering a robust, clean flavour, the American counterparts provide that same rich quality at a more affordable price. Khayvar’s other domestic caviars include the mildly sweet Golden Whitefish from the Great Lakes, the creamy Spoonbill American from Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee, and the intensely flavoured Amia Calva (also known as Bowfin).

As originally featured in the March 2016 issue of Wallpaper (*204)


For more information, visit the Khavyar website

Photography: Ivan Ruberto

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