Clean Beauty Co: the new beauty brand that’s cleaning up

Clean Beauty Co: the new beauty brand that’s cleaning up

While food products become more and more transparent about what ingredients go into them, it seems that the contents of our beauty products are still layered with a level of ambiguity. Clean Beauty Co is aiming to remedy this.

Launched last month, Clean Beauty Co was founded by self-proclaimed ‘clean beauty lovers’, Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford. Concerned about the amount of fillers being used in beauty products, along with being ‘fed up with spending their money on products promising miracles’, the founders decided to establish a brand that could offer an alternative to mass-produced, chemical-filled concoctions.

Having seen success from the outset, Clean Beauty Co is constantly making new additions to its roster and has just premiered a brand new product. Entitled ‘Scrub Life’, this latest creation is a body scrub that epitomises the philosophy of the brand ­– with customers able to count the ingredients in the scrub on one hand. The brand claims that ’Scrub Life’ – with ingredients such as coffee, coconut oil, jojoba and grapefruit – will ‘tighten skin’ and ‘get to work on any pesky lumps’.

As if to emphasise the simplicity of the ingredients, the scrubs come in minimally designed and sparingly-packaged pots. Through the use of a modest glass container, a plain silver lid and a label with lightly sprinkled text, the ’Scrub Life’ packaging gives off a humble and almost homemade feel.

Describing itself as ‘perfect for health and ingredient conscious girls’, it is clear that the new beauty brand’s intentions are nothing but squeaky clean.

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