Mineral assets: the magnificent health benefits of magnesium

From left, Balance Facial Spritz, by Pestle and Mortar. Transcutaneous Magnesium Lotion, by Buly 1803. B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel, by Aesop. Pure Magnesium Flakes, by Seven Minerals. Magnesium Arnica Gel, by The Lost Explorer. Magnesium Ease, by The Nue Co
(Image credit: Andy Price)

A tenacious resident of your grandma’s bathroom cabinet, magnesium has long been known to combat tired and achy muscles and, more recently, it is being mined for its ability to wipe out cellulite, blemishes and sleepless nights.

Pestle and Mortar’s Balance Facial Spritz brings magnesium sourced from the Irish Sea into your handbag to offer instant pollution protection on-the-go.

Buly 1803’s Transcutaneous Magnesium lotion, which contains magnesium that comes from the untouched prehistoric Zechstein Seabed, in one of the highest concentrations available in the market, is a wonderful skin softener, while Aesop has blended it with high potency vitamin B and C in its B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel to balance combination skin and soothe inflammation, red patches and acne.

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If you prefer to trust grandma’s instincts, you can simply soak in a bath sprinkled with Seven Minerals’ Pure Magnesium Flakes and let all your worries melt away with a tantalising tingle.

Urban yogis that need to tend to strained muscles, cramps and bruises can try The Lost Explorer’s Magnesium Arnica Gel, which comes with added black willow bark extract, witch hazel and menthol crystals, while for those who just want a dreamy night’s sleep, a few sprays of The Nue Co’s Magnesium Ease, which contains essential oils of arnica and lavender, will help you to unwind and relax, while also delivering cell-rejuvenating assets.

As originally featured in the November 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*237)


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