Sun glass is in the box..
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Acqua di Parma powdered soap  

For a bit of luxury everyday, Acqua di Parma has created a powdered soap, fragranced in its signature ‘Colonia’ – a refreshing burst of bergamot, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose and lavender. One shake of the elegant yellow tin releases the silky powder, which can be used directly on dry skin or with water to create a creamy, indulgent foam.  ‘Colonia’ Polvere di Sapone, £23, by Acqua di Parma,

In our on-going series, deputy beauty and lifestyle editor Pei-Ru Keh unveils our most wanted beauty fixes.

This month, the world of an indulgent powdered soap fragranced with burst of bergamot, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose and lavender, a new footwear range from medical pedicure expert Margaret Dabbs, and some gloriously graphic home-bleaching teeth kits get us smiling.

Acqua di Parma powdered soap.

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This is anti-aging skincare.

Dr. Brandt oxygen mask

Dr. Frederic Brandt’s name has been synonymous with high performance, dermatology-based skincare for the better part of the last 20 years. His latest creation, a two-step detoxifying oxygen treatment, is comprised of a foaming oxygen mask and a protective purifying cream, each revealed with a clever twist of the bottle. Promising to boost cellular metabolism and renew dull skin, this innovative treatment represents a new frontier in anti-aging skincare.

Detoxygen Experience, £63, by Dr. Brandt,

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Hydrating foot lotion, foot soak, nourishing nail serum, treatment oil and an exfoliant.

Margaret Dabbs footcare range

Footcare expert Margaret Dabbs has been a mainstay in our address books, thanks to her indulgent, yet no-nonsense medical pedicures. To hang onto that footloose feeling well after leaving the spa, Dabbs’ newly reformulated footcare range includes a hydrating foot lotion, foot soak, nourishing nail serum, treatment oil and an exfoliant that all count on the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of Australian Emu oil.

Foot care products, starting from £10, by Margaret Dabbs,

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Sun glass is in the box.

Mykita x Uslu Airlines

Nail polish and eyewear aren’t the most seamless of combinations, but spectacle makers Mykita and beauty label Uslu Airlines have bound together with aplomb. The Berlin stalwarts have unveiled three limited edition colourways of their EVE and BOB aviator glasses, previously created together in 2006, with nail colours to match. Named after airport codes as per Uslu Airlines tradition, the three exclusive colours include a muddy grey-brown (MYK), powdery lilac (ITA) and neon yellow (SXF), which are also mimicked in the gradients of their corresponding sunglasses. Talk about a perfect match.

The EVE and BOB Jet sets, €359 each, by Mykita & Uslu Airlines,,

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There are many sun glasses.

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There are two brush cleaner.

Philip B hairbrush and brush cleaner

We’re continually on the search for the best grooming tools on the market and are currently sated by this boar-bristled number by haircare luminary Philip B. Equipped with a long ergonomic handle, the brush boasts reinforced bristles packed at double the density of its competitors, resulting in a bouncier, shinier mop. For proper maintenance, Philip B has also created a miniature, stainless steel rake which ingeniously pries out entangled hairs, dust and dirt.

Hairbrush, starting from $55, and hairbrush cleaner, both by Philip B, $15,

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Philip B hairbrush and brush cleaner.

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There are many sun glasses on the box

The White Solution teeth whitening kit

Scottish dental specialists The White Solution recently caught our attention with their good-looking teeth whitening kits. Available only through selected dentists, the comprehensive home bleaching and maintenance kits have a sophisticated, yet serious demeanour, courtesy of graphic designers El Studio. Each stylish set of ampoules comes in various strengths, catering to individuals with sensitive to deeply stained teeth.

The White Solution kit,

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Grey colored boxes.

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There are many sun glasses on the boxes.

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Many sun glasses on the box.

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