Healing jewels: introducing Vk Lillie’s one-of-a-kind medicine bags

Jewelry pieces with transparent jewels
Paris-based VK Lillie crafts beautiful objects that have personal significance, and a deeper spiritual meaning. Pictured: Red Jasper, Stone of Endurance, a gentle stimulator of Life Force.
(Image credit: courtesy of VK Lillie)

What if the height of luxury is the possibility to carry a special item with you that creates an energy field to match your life’s needs?

Vk Lillie, a Paris-based jewellery brand, crafting one-of-a-kind necklaces inspired by Native American culture and spirituality, answers a growing desire for beautiful objects that also have personal value and a deeper meaning.

Founded by Kira Lillie four years ago, Vk Lillie is the combination of what her mother Vanessa taught her when she was young and Kira’s previous career working as a fashion photographer and assistant in Florence and Milan. 'My mother created the original medicine bag that I grew up making and that we now make together,' Kira begins. 'I like to think that we bridge two worlds; that of fashion, aesthetics, luxury and art with the world of alternative medicine, healing, energy and intention. The people we attract are those that have a foot in both worlds. Open minded, sensitive, perhaps a bit jet set, world travellers and art lovers.'

The ornate, mysterious necklaces are suspended from a diamond cut ball chain made in Italy, while the leather pouches are made from salvaged recycled leather, as Kira is careful not to kill more animals. These are filled with gemstones that have healing properties, combined with other items, customised to have resonance for each individual, depending on special occasions like births and weddings, or specific needs like fertility, health and love.

They are hand-made by either Kira or Vanessa – 'with so much love and intention' – intensifying the strong bond necessary for the personal impact of the pieces. 'To give something to people which can help them feel good,' is most important to Kira. 'This is what we try to do with Vk Lillie medicine bags, to give something that gives.'

Vk Lillie presents seasonal collections during Paris Fashion Week – most recently collaborating with artist Laure Jaffuel – while one of the brand's first clients was Daphne Guinness, followed by Tilda Swinton, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna. But she also wears them herself. 'After I put my first medicine bag on I felt such a strong connection to it that I couldn’t leave the house without it. This is the feedback I get from most of my customers – which makes my heart sing.' 


'To give something to people which can help them feel good,' is the most important factor of the necklaces, according to Kira Lillie. Pictured: Aquamariner, the stone inspires truth, trust and letting go, and protecting those who travel by or near water

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Beautiful jewels

 Quartz, master, versatile healer and the stone of power it acts as an amplifier of psychic energy and increases the strength of other stones

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Healing jewels

Left, another Red Jaser; Pyrite, a masculine power, symbolising the warmth of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one's own power

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