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One of our better-kept sartorial secrets comes in the form of a Berlin-based, handmade eyewear brand called Mykita. We’ve been fans of the modernist optical frames for a few years now - well, five to be precise - and, given the brand is now celebrating its 5th birthday, we thought it time to trade in our secret in the spirit of spreading the speccie love.

Mykita 5th birthday

(Image credit: Mykita)

See more of '5', Mykita's fifth anniversary tome

Apart from the glasses themselves, we’re drawn to Mykita's tangible personality, informed by its Berlin abode. With a store like an apothecary in Mitte and a range of eyewear that spans laboratory flat metal to 1950s thick black frames, the company is quietly keeping us off the contact lenses.

In celebration of reaching five, Mykita has produced a good-looking coffee table book – 5 - that shows how the brand started, how and where the glasses are made and, with more of an edge, the incumbent fun that can be had wearing a loud pair of specs. Definately worth raising your glasses for.

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