‘Quintessentially British’ is a phrase you hear really quite a lot in Britain, probably more often than is necessary or true, but when it comes to Hackett - the eponymous brand from sportswear sage Jeremy Hackett – it’s about the only phrase that hits the mark.
It came as little surprise then when we learnt that this year Hackett would be sponsoring another quintessentially British thing, namely The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.


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The race itself, going for almost 200 years, is a major event in any self respecting Anglophile’s diary, and with Hackett this year celebrating its 40th anniversary, who better to clad the super-smart, super-fit team than the forbearers of British sporting attire.
The sponsorship is set to continue for the next three years. As well as providing the kit for all the oarsmen in the race, Hackett are also due to release a range of clothing emblazoned with the Oxbridge crests – perfect for all those budding armchair athletes that this year didn’t quite make the cut.