Founded in 1975 by the late, legendary Massimo Osti, the Italian casual wear giant CP Company has always dedicated itself to fabric development and an extreme, almost fetishistic emphasis on functionality. It is a company that dedicates its resources to research and development rather than marketing and grand spectacle.

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It has, however, done the odd bit of sponsorship and in 1988, to mark its tie-in with the Mille Miglia endurance race, it launched the Goggle jacket. Featuring hooded goggles and a watch visor, it achieved instant cult status. To mark the jacket’s 21st anniversary, CP Company called on the designer Aitor Throup – born in Buenos Aires, brought up in Burnley in Northern England and an obvious heir to Osti in his dedication to super-functionality – to rework the ‘Goggle’.
His response was to ‘take the original back to the race and develop a garment that is primarily informed by the needs of every driver.’ In particular, the drivers of vintage open-top sports cars. He has reworked the hood for a better fit and cut the jacket so it is comfortable in the driving position and offers waterproof protection for the legs.