Landscapes of sun-bleached rocks and windswept sand dunes, environments dynamically transforming – natural forms and elemental conditions inspire the fabrication process of Canada Goose, its garments’ subtly curved, wintery shapes and the brand’s ongoing devotion to keeping the planet cold and the people on it warm.

Continuing Canada Goose’s commitment to its ‘purpose platform’ Humanature – which combines the company’s sustainable and value-based aims – the new capsule collection of parkas, puffers and overcoats is made with luxurious, recycled and sustainable materials, such as responsibly sourced down, and recycled organic Arctic Tech fabric.  

Humanature and a more sustainable approach   

Golden Goose Space-Star sneaker

‘Kiefer’ puffer, £1,495, by Golden Goose Humanature

Both the collection and the Humanature initiative make a brave and innovative pledge: performance meets sustainability without compromise on technical function, design or comfort. 

Soft cashmere touchpoints, organic cotton and recycled nylon components combine across the collection. The Greige colourway option utilises undyed fabrics, making for reduced water usage during manufacture, and a standout hue. 

Durable, water-repellent and lightweight, the four new styles – ‘Rhya’ overcoat, ‘Kiefer’ puffer, ‘Ryker’ overcoat and ‘Nairo’ puffer – are all made with Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop, the 100 per cent recycled nylon version of the brand’s proprietary fabric, and are tailored for the elements, ready for unpredictable weather, from high winds to light rain and snow.   

Style meets function

The ‘Rhya’ and ‘Ryker’ overcoats are both constructed with features such as a removable belt for an improved fit and an adjustable hood for added protection, then finished with a cashmere-lined collar. Both the ‘Nairo Puffer’ and ‘Kiefer Puffer’ feature an adjustable belt that cinches and flatters the waist, a removable hood and a cashmere-lined collar. Other style-meets-function details include Power Stretch cuffs. 

Mindful of the planet’s future, Canada Goose has promised net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and is eliminating single-use plastics in all its facilities. By 2025, 90 per cent of the company’s materials will transition to PFMs (preferred fibres and materials) such as recycled and organic fibres – sustainable alternatives to conventional materials. 

Already, Canada Goose’s Crofton and Cypress collections are made of 100 per cent recycled nylon, while its ‘Muskoka Crewneck’, ‘Muskoka Hoody’, ‘Huron Crewneck’ and ‘Huron Hoody’ are manufactured with 100 per cent organic cotton. 

In the footwear department, both the brand’s ‘Snow Mantra Boots’ and ‘Journey Boots’ are made with TerraCare leather, created using ecological tanning methods, which results in lower water and chemical consumption. All Canada Goose packaging will integrate sustainable solutions, including recycled content and recyclability on disposal.

Performance and longevity

Golden Goose Space-Star sneaker
‘Ryker’ overcoat, £1,895, by Golden Goose Humanature

While maintaining a steadfast commitment to creating function-first products of exceptional quality and superior, elemental protection, Canada Goose designs with purpose, intent, and functionality – all its products are warranted for a lifetime. It is accelerating the sustainable evolution of its designs while addressing social, economical and environmental challenges.

Believing that we are part of nature and nature is a part of us, Canada Goose designs for generations, not seasons. §