Tell us about your rise to prominence on the scene, it’s been a big year.
I graduated this year, and it’s been very exciting. Since my degree show I’ve been offered the opportunity to collaborate with amazing designers including Maria Francesca Pepe
, Jenny Packham and Erickson Beamon. At the moment I’m still learning an awful lot - I’m working on my new jewellery collection, which I’m aiming to show in few months time.
There is a conceptual overtone to much your work, is the exploration of ideas and theoretical themes important to your process?
I try hard to come up with unique ideas - and the quality of the idea is always as important as the quality of the physical outcome. It is often a very concept-led process. For instance, I began my Cinematography collection by analysing what I did not like about jewellery. After thinking along this route for some time, I realised that shadows could potentially prove a beautiful alternative to physical jewellery - despite their subtlety and temporality they can trace the silhouette of the body –and by drilling thousands of holes into metal I realized that I could create shadow-esque objects.
Describe your design process, is it complex and intricate or more impulsive?
Defining a concept usually takes a lot of time and although it can be a struggle, I find it is the most exciting part of my process. I design impulsively rather than conceptually - at the beginning I do very broad research and then as I develop my ideas, I begin to experiment with prototypes and gradually define both the concept and the physical form of the work.
Who would you cite as your key fashion world influences?
I find inspiration in those who have had different experiences from my own, or those who work in a different way to me. I love meeting people who provide me with different and interesting perspectives. However, in terms of other designers, I particularly admire the work of Stephen Jones, Erickson Beamon, Viktor & Rolf and Hussein Chalayan - They always manage to invoke a remarkable sense of sophistication in their work, along with a feeling of unrestricted creativity.
Your work straddles the boundaries between jewellery, millinery and clothing design – where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?
I usually take inspiration from simple, unsubstantial and ordinary elements of life, like lights, shadows and sounds. I am interested in realizing the potential beauty in mundane elements and I challenge myself to enhance this in my work.
There is a sense of ethereality to your work that somehow manages to avoid being overly feminine, is this effect intentional?
Producing an atmosphere or feeling is not necessarily an important part of my work - the outcome often tends to be minimal, geometric and emotionally quiet. However, I sometimes feel that I might also be unconsciously searching for a kind of depth– a depth sometimes linked with femininity, sometimes mortality, eternity and so on.
Who would you cite as your biggest inter-industry advocates thus far?
I am truly grateful to Vicki and Erickson Beamon for introducing me to Stephen Jones. These designers have inspired me in so many different ways and I cannot thank them enough for their support and encouragement. I sincerely hope that there will be an opportunity to collaborate with them in the future.
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