This LED Mask by myBlend is sculptural, cinematic, and tech-forward

myBlend’s LED Mask is contoured to the face and neck, with pre-set programmes to treat different skin types

myLEDmask by myBlend
(Image credit: Photography by Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

An LED mask is an essential tool to keep in one’s beauty roster. Light therapy – and particularly the use of red and blue light – has numerous benefits to the skin, including decreasing pigmentation and wrinkles and preventing breakouts. After a few sessions with this particular mask from Parisian beauty brand myBlend, which harnesses the power of 288 FDA-approved red and infrared LEDs, the biological processes of cell regeneration and collagen production begin to speed up, subsequently reducing (and even erasing), skin damage. It also has pre-set programmes to treat different skin concerns.

myLEDmask by myBlend

myLEDmask by myBlend, £1,100, available at

(Image credit: Courtesy of myBlend)

The myBlend LED mask is contoured to every inch of the face

The unique design of the mask, which is perhaps one of the most ergonomic on the market, is contoured to every inch of the face and neck. This gives it a sculptural and even cinematic quality (looking eerily like something you might see in Pedro Almodóvar’s melodramatic thriller The Skin I Live In (2011), or Georges Franju’s 1960s ‘homoeopathic horror’ Eyes Without a Face). But don’t let this dissuade you from using it in the comfort of your own home – or in public. (The mask also comes in a compact case for use on the go, making it perfect for passing time in airport lounges or during long-haul flights.) It’s even suitable for backstage at a fashion show – Roksanda tapped the myLEDmask to provide skin prep for its London Fashion Week A/W 2024 show.

myBlend myLEDmask

Backstage at Roksanda A/W 2024

(Image credit: Courtesy of myBlend)

Each model had their skin thoroughly cleansed with myBlend’s Enzyme Face Cleansing Water, which is rich in papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin. Next, the models spent a few minutes wearing the myLEDmask, before a cocktail of serums was applied. This included the Revitalizing Pre-Serum (launching exclusively at Harrods on 19 March 2024), SuperSerum Hydration, and SuperSerum Radiance to deeply moisturise and hydrate. Finally, SuperSerum Recovery offered an added layer of comfort for fashion-week-ravished skin in need of nourishment and repair.

myLEDmask by myBlend

(Image credit: Courtesy of myBlend)

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MyLEDMask by MYBLEND, £1,100, available at

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