The future of gel manicures is here with Alûstre’s diamond dust polishes

Forget damaging and costly gel manicures – Alûstre nail polishes use diamond particles for durability without the wreckage

Gel manicures quality Alûstre nail polishes
Alûstre nail polishes
(Image credit: Neil Godwin at Future Studios)

As any salon regular knows, gel manicures can be beautiful and long-lasting, but they can also do untold damage to nails, including thinning, peeling, cracking and brittleness. The new Danish beauty brand Alûstre has created an innovative alternative to gel manicures with nail polishes made from the world’s strongest natural material – diamonds. 

The polishes are made using the brand’s patented ‘DiamondInfused’ technology, which harnesses the strength of diamond particles to create exceptional shine and durability in a range of 41 colours that span from classic nudes and reds to punchier shades like metallic green and electric blue, as well as a base coat and top coat. Even better, Alûstre’s vegan, plant-based formulations provide breathability and do less damage to the nail surface than most long-lasting polishes.  

Alûstre gel nail polish

(Image credit: Alûstre)

To ensure that the diamond particles have been ethically sourced, the brand has partnered with a 120-year-old supplier that adheres to the Kimberley Process and Global Compact Act. 

Founded by former executives in the jewellery industry, Alûstre repurposes the technology and artistry of jewellery for beauty products. As well as nail polishes, offers nail serums and oils, hand creams, and a line of perfumes, which are designed to translate the diamond’s reflective colour spectrum into fragrance.

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