By now, the reality of working from home might have left a dent on your waistline. With snacking offering up quick comfort in easy reach, having the right treat on hand is now more important than ever.

One candidate that satiates both sweet tooths and umami fiends is Karma Nuts – a Californian cashew nut purveyor that goes beyond simply delivering a tasty snack. Its signature ‘wrapped’ cashews, which retain each nut’s natural skin, packs an extra crunch together with the bonus of added nutritional value – there is twice as much fibre in a cashew with the skin on than your usual nut. A wrapped cashew also boasts significant amounts of antioxidants like catechins and epicatechins (the polyphenols also found in green tea). To preserve these skins, each cashew nut is carefully removed from its shell. Because more of the nut is used in the final product, there is also less wastage overall – another win.

Cashew nuts growing at a special cashew nursery

The idea to produce cashews this way was developed by Karma Nuts’ founder Ganesh Nair, who combined his family’s expertise in the cashew business with his own background in health and diabetes care (he holds a Masters degree in Health Science and Technology from MIT). Created as an alternative to the oil-fried cashews that typically abound, Karma Nuts’ wrapped cashews deliver lower net carbs, thus making them an even more healthful choice.

Above all, Karma Nuts are available in a selection of delectable contemporary flavours. From zesty lime twist cashews and spicy golden turmeric cashews, to sweeter cocoa-dusted or matcha-coated varieties, these air-roasted, gluten-free, Non-GMO and vegan nuts are minimally processed to retain all their goodness and can be enjoyed guilt-free. §