Colour collective: Rotor bring a wealth of research to Beirut’s Carwan Gallery

Colour collective: Rotor bring a wealth of research to Beirut’s Carwan Gallery

The Greater Beirut-based Carwan Gallery presents a new exhibition by design and research collective Rotor. Titled ’purple, turquoise, pink (brown along the edges)’, the show was co-curated by the gallery in collaboration with Milanese studio Actant Visuelle and presents the Belgian collective’s work on material and colour research. Over the years, the team at Rotor has collected a variety of objects, which they regularly introduce into interiors and projects to give them new life and potential.

The show gathers a wide selection of pieces, from a Belgian cow hide that speaks about meat manufacturing methods in the country to a series of panels (originally tinted in poetic pastel colours) salvaged from illegal fishermen huts in Beirut. Other items in the collection include industrial specimens that were discarded when they failed to reach production standards, or were manufacturing leftovers.

‘Machines don’t automatically produce standard products, it takes careful human orchestration to maintain such an illusion,’ reads the exhibition’s manifesto. The pieces’ beauty, shown here in their raw states, highlights the collective’s serious and almost encyclopaedic ethos. Their discreet display gives just a hint of judgment, leaving viewers to develop their own explorations of themes such as mass production, perfection and materials.

It’s a powerful collection of objects, the abstraction of which speaks louder than words, in a minimal display affording a powerful presence in the gallery’s newly opened display space. 

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