An enigmatically French artist with staunch Hungarian roots and a fantastically fitting name Mathias Kiss is a man after our own hearts. A painter with a penchant for tromp de l’oeil clouds, Kiss has, for the past few years, been making a name for himself as a creative collaborator with which to be seen.
Producing a stunning interiors shoot for this month’s issue of Wallpaper*, Kiss deftly adapted his painterly pedigree to that of stylist, combining his blue-sky painted backdrops with found objects, super-contemporary design pieces and the brutalist surrounds of Oscar Neimeyer’s French Communist Party HQ.
Aside from adoring his distinctive interior-skyscape-with-found-object aesthetic, we felt a little inadequate when it came to our all-round Mathias Kiss knowledge, and as such we thought it only right to take the time to sit down and learn a little more about the man behind the blue.
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