Launched this month by the cartographic specialists at The Future Mapping Company, is a brand new, high-colour plan of the capital city.
Stretching from Richmond Park across to the Olympic site, and from Hampstead Heath down to Dulwich - the new map, from The Future Mapping Company’s founder and one-time tailor, Marcus Kirby, has the whole of London in its sights.
Alongside the usual highways and byways, Kirby has highlighted an array of cycle routes across the city - including greenways through parks and canals, off-carriage cycleways and routes recommended by fellow cyclists.
Available as a single 1.3 x 1m print on high quality silk-coated paper, the new London map also comes in both magnetized and framed formats.
Lithograph printed in order to achieve a wider, brighter range of colours - and featuring both metallic and fluorescent inks - the latest print from The Future Mapping Company is a challenge to the Ordnance Survey standard.