Homogenisation getting you down? Tired of the sameness of everything? Design aficionados with such a predicament would be well advised to look to Lauriger, a manufacturer with a niche like no other. Specialising in Czech cubism-inspired tableware and accessories, the company was founded by Laura Kubica Grigerova, who commissions pieces from artists and designers able to bring their own particular perspective to the style.

The first product launch, the Lilia Collection, is no exception. Designed by Svetlana Koženová and produced in a small factory in the Czech town of Dubí – which has been tirelessly producing world-renowned porcelain for over 300 years – the relatively high-tech range is created using 3D-printed molds. The porcelain is then fired three times before being retouched by hand. A teapot, serving bowls, liqueur vessels and plates are available.

'Luxury retail has been my passion for years. My family has always had a history of trade and enterprise, and I was determined to follow in their footsteps,' Grigerova says of her reasons for setting up Lauriger, remembering the moment when she realised the importance of well-designed products.

'My grandmother presented to me a stunning collection of antique silverware,' she concludes. 'Meeting with artists who combine traditional craftsmanship with the innovations of technology deepened this appreciation. They were experimenting; pushing the boundaries of their art and their craft. It was exciting and I knew I had to share this with the world. To bring that same love and joy for beautiful designs to other people’s homes.'