Furniture designer Khai Liew (W*108) is known for his highly modernist, functional pieces which can be found in the personal collection of interiors guru Peter Marino or the 'six-star' rooms of Southern Ocean Lodge on South Australia's Kangaroo Island.
Recently exhibited in his Adelaide boutique, Liew's latest collection, Collec+ors, comprises six pieces. They were created by Liew in collaboration with six eminent Australian creatives: jeweller Julie Blyfield; ceramicists Kirsten Coelho, Bruce Nuske, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott and Prue Venables; and glass artist Jessica Loughlin -- all of whom first met when they exhibited at the V&A's Collect art fair in 2007. 'We found that we all, in a sense, share a similar aesthetic,' says Liew. 'There is,' he continues, 'a renaissance at the moment within Australian design – it's a groundswell of awareness, of honesty and integrity.'