Thanks to a highly principled landlord and a fierce community spirit, Lambs Conduit Street is a tiny oasis in London that has yet to be conquered by high street chains. Instead a gorgeous selection of locally minded stores peddle their gorgeous wares, joined today by one more - a very promising new concept store called Darkroom.
Mixing original high-end fashion and interior accessories, founders and friends Rhonda Drakeford and Lulu Roper-Caldbeck have scoured the world to source pieces that are both beautiful and unique to the store. The pair, whose respective career paths to date have been in graphics, fashion and textiles, are also peddling their own very covetable designs, as well as hosting bi-monthly art and sculpture exhibitions.
As well are the wares, Darkroom will be worth visiting if only to soak up the immaculate styling of the store. Over the coming month the window displays have been put together by Wallpaper’s own Despina Curtis, who also shares a workspace with Drakeford and Roper-Caldbeck, while design duo Matt Edmonds and Pam West of Frank have created bespoke shelving, a cash desk and display cabinets for the shop fit. Darkroom’s statement tiled floor was handpainted by the proprietors themselves last week.
In the run up to Christmas Darkroom promises to keep its doors open seven days a week. We, predictably, will be in there for most of them.