If the last few months has proven anything, it’s that no one is safe; even the high and mighty can fall. IT Factory, a Danish internet superbrand was very suddenly declared bankrupt in late 2008. Days later the CEO went missing in Dubai, only to turn up a few weeks after that in LA and so unfolded a $170 million fraud investigation.
One of the less-documented but saddest things, in our eyes, was the fact that Jacob Jensen Design, barely minutes before the bankruptcy was announced, had completed a brilliant new corporate identity for the brand.
Advocates of the waste not, want not approach though, the completed corporate identity of IT Factory has been snapped up by Denmark’s Kunst Industri Museet.

Jacob Jensen

See more of the exhibition of Jensen’s completed corporate identity for the brand
Everything from the early sketches to the stationary, office interior design to the website proposals are now on display and make for a neat insight into how the process of corporate identity is developed.
‘Rarely have we worked with a more quality orientated company’, said Timothy Jacob Jensen. ‘It was shock and sadness for us that the company went bankrupt in such a dramatic and sudden way. We strongly hope this exhibition will be visited for its professional appeal and not only to see “the palace after the revolution”.’