The devil is in the detail, and interesting joinery, be it butterfly or dovetail, can elevate the plainest of pieces with an element of surprise.

When creating his eponymous table for Hem, Max Lamb devised leg joints that set the legs flush into the tabletop, sturdily supporting its 200kg weight and visible as four simple squares on its surface.

Wooden stool
Wooden stool
Above, ‘Geo’ side table, from €3,795, by Christophe Delcourt, for Delcourt collection. Below, ‘Sands’ stool, part of the desert collection, price on request, by Hagit Pincovici, from Dimore Gallery

Israeli designer Hagit Pincovici went for a more embellished approach, developing an aluminium foam which connects the wooden seat of her ‘Sands’ stool to its sandstone supports, while London-based Italian designer Martino Gamper opted for something more classic when designing his ‘Round & Square’ collection, which uses contrasting woods to make a feature of the good, old-fashioned V joint.

Bringing a bit of French fancy into the mix, Christophe Delcourt’s ‘Geo’ side tables are a lesson in lovely craftsmanship, with the top and bottom shaped to slip on top of one another, giving a geometric side-on view. §