Ten classic fountain pens for the personal touch

Ten fountain pens, from timeless designs to sleekly machined modern writing tools, prove that perfect penmanship is just a gold nib away

Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy, a new edition of one of the brand’s classic fountain pens
Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Calligraphy Precious Resin 149, £865
(Image credit: Montblanc)

The art of putting pen to paper has undeniably dwindled in the past few decades, but for a small number of dedicated enthusiasts, nothing beats traditional fountain pens. Elegant tools for creative penmanship still find willing hands, whilst champions of cursive will surely find the perfect match in our selection below.

Ten classic fountain pens 

1. Stilform Ink Aluminium Fountain Pen

Stilform INK fountain pens

(Image credit: Stilform)

The Ink is a classically simple aluminium pen from Stilform (it’s also available in titanium). The faceted barrel prevents unwanted rollaways – all the better to protect the nib – while the cap is attached with a magnetic clasp that snaps satisfyingly into place, aligning the cap with the barrel at the same time. The German firm offers a number of different colour finishes and nib materials, including 14ct gold. 

Stilform INK Aluminium Fountain Pen, €109.95, Stilform.com

2. Ensso Piuma Pocket Fountain Pen

Ensso Piuma pocket fountain pen

(Image credit: Ensso)

Californian maker Ensso offers an ultra-compact design that is CNC-milled from high quality titanium. The company supplies its pens with stainless steel nibs from long-standing German manufacturer Peter Bock (although a flexible titanium upgrade is also available). The pocket-sized Piuma has a sleek round barrel and takes standard international cartridges. 

Ensso Piuma, $120, Ensso.com

3. The Studio Fountain Pen by Tom’s Studio

Studio Fountain Pen

(Image credit: Tom's Studio)

The Studio Fountain Pen is a modern take on a classic form from this small boutique maker based in the UK. The carefully weighted Studio is available in five hand dip-dyed colours, with six different interchangeable nib types, including fine, italic and ‘architect’.

Tom’s Studio, The Studio Fountain Pen, £96, TomsStudio.com
Also available at

4. Namisu N2 Pocket Pen

Namisu N2 Pocket Pen

(Image credit: Namisu)

The titanium N2 is a compact design with a clever cap structure that takes it to a full-size pen when opened and posted with an o-ring connection, not a thread. As well as the matt grey coating, industrial detailing is used on the knurled surfaces and prominent bolts on the clip. The N2 comes with a stainless steel model 250 Peter Bock nib. 

Namisu N2 titanium, £99, Namisu.com

5. Schon DSGN Monoc Nib

Schon DSGN Monoc Nib

(Image credit: Schon DSGN)

The Monoc Nib is a bespoke medium nib manufactured by Schon DSGN in Philadelphia. Precisely machined from titanium, the Monoc can be supplied with most of the company’s range of pocket and full-sized fountain pens and will be built in strictly limited numbers. The unique design integrates the nib with the housing (hence the name, derived from ‘monocoque’), providing a unique writing experience for the connoisseur. 

Schon DSGN Monoc Nib, $400, SchonDSGN.com

6. Capillaris Fountain Pen

Capillaris Fountain Pen

(Image credit: Capillaris)

The Capillaris fountain pen makes much of the tight tolerances of its manufacture – ‘aero-engineered’, no less – and the quality of its materials. Rods of Swiss-sourced titanium have been machined into an elegant barrel tipped with a Peter Bock nib. It’s available with a couple of nib options and presented in a box hand-built by a Hungarian bookbinder.

Capillaris pen, from €835, Capillaris.eu

7. Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Calligraphy

Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Calligraphy fountain pens

(Image credit: Montblanc)

This new edition of Montblanc’s legendary Meisterstück pen includes a new curved nib, said to be especially suitable for sketching, as well as the fluid lines of traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean calligraphy. The Meisterstück is a classic Montblanc model, combining the company’s trademark black and gold colour scheme with a weighty, curved barrel. The new 18ct nib is designed for variable angles, giving the experienced calligrapher an expressive range of line weights. 

Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Calligraphy Precious Resin 149, £865, Montblanc.com

8. Conway Stewart Series 58

Conway Stewart Series 58 Classic Black Gold

(Image credit: Conway Stewart)

English company Conway Stewart has been making fountain pens for over 100 years. Now based in a workshop on the south coast, the company combines its classic lines with high profile partnerships, including an ongoing association with Winston Churchill (who favoured the pens). Other editions include a pen honouring mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing and a model sold in aid of the DEC Ukraine Appeal. The company’s Series 58 Classic Black Gold is its mainstay, a contemporary update of their most enduring models. 

Conway Stewart Series 58 Classic Black Gold, £330, ConwayStewart.com

9. Loclen Tiny Pocket Pen

Loclen Tiny Fountain Pen

(Image credit: Loclen)

The brass-barrelled Loclen Tiny is a dedicated pocket pen. Handmade in Italy, it’s also available in black and chrome with four different nib weights. Like all pocket pens, the balance and scale are countered by the cap, which can be easily and securely posted (putting the cap on the end when writing) thanks to a removable ring on the barrel. 

Loclen Tiny, £101, Loclen.com

10. Onoto Scholar Fountain Pen

Onoto Scholar Fountain Pen

(Image credit: Onoto)

Onoto is another innovative and historic British company that creates pens to celebrate every anniversary and occasion. We’re more focused on its classic acrylic Scholar model, a clean-lined writing implement with optional gold nib and a variety of different colour finishes. 

Onoto Scholar, £195, Onoto.com

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