Mascara: helping us wink since 1958. First launched by Revlon, mascara is the magic wand that has waved itself into practically every make up bag on the planet. This month, we were impressed by three new and improved additions – these bristles brush up well. 

L’Obscur Mascara, by Gucci Beauty

illustrated eye on a pink background
Illustrations by Caroline Andrieu

Embracing a more-is-more mentality, the newly launched Gucci L’Obscur mascara encompasses the brand’s maximalist ways. Packaged in a pastel pink tube and topped off with a golden grooved cap, the mascara results in impressively spidery lashes. The uniquely dome-shaped brush – easily used both horizontally and vertically for maximum impact – covers each lash with precision and once dried down it is near impossible for the jet-black formula to smudge, flake, feather or migrate. 

Le Volume Stretch De Chanel, by Chanel 

illustrated eye on a green background
Illustrations by Caroline Andrieu

Curled big, bright and beautiful with a doe-eyed result – Le Volume Stretch De Chanel is a buildable mascara for everyday use. The unusual 3D-printed brush, left hollow in the middle for maximum flexibility, takes on a spiral shape with spikes that catche and cover every lash when wiggled the right way. With a fluid formula and a latex-type film, the mascara leaves the lashes vivaciously volumised with eye-opening results.

Noir Teinte Lash Tint, by Surratt

illustrated eye on purple background
Illustrations by Caroline Andrieu

Mixing Japanese ingenuity with New York sensibility, Surratt’s latest eye-catching innovation is the Noir Teinte Lash Tint. As the name implies, the Tint is leaning into the natural aesthetic of J-Beauty with barely-there results. However, it is the innovative Japanese-made metal wand that truly sets this new mascara apart. Coating those hard-to-reach hairs all the way down to the roots, this is a ‘yours-but-better’ lash approach. §