Beauty industry icons share their personal wellbeing rituals

Francisco Costa, Peter Philips and Dr. Barbara Sturm bring us into their homes to share their new daily rituals 

‘Beauty in Isolation’ series for Costa Brazil
(Image credit: Francisco Costa)

Lockdowns are slowly starting to lift around the world, but there is no doubt that the months of restrictions will have lasting impacts on how we go about our daily lives. With that in mind, we asked some of the most influential names in beauty to give us a peek into their homes and share the rituals that have become the new norm in their months of lockdown.

Having spent the last few months in his native Belgium, the creative and image director of Christian Dior makeup, Peter Philips, has learned to find sanctuary in the natural and decorative elements of his home by starting his day surrounded by a luscious garden and his most beloved knickknacks.

Skincare powerhouse Dr. Barbara Sturm has made her name with a range of high-end products that utilize cutting edge science to rebuild and renew aging skin at a cellular level. While Sturm’s skincare practice is centered around complex molecular science, her favorite pastime in lockdown has been simple—story time with her young daughter.

Francisco Costa’s daily ritual is similarly uncomplicated, but no less profound. ‘A mid-work day walk to the bay is a new ritual for me, a form of meditation’, says the founder of the ultra-chic skincare line, Costa Brazil. ‘When the afternoon feels like it's dragging on, this moment of deliberate distance and repose gives me the physical space to think freely and clear my mind.’

Peter Philips

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Francisco Costa


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