As a printmaker with architectural sympathies, Toby Paterson has long been a Wallpaper* favourite, so his latest exhibition has been eagerly anticipated since we first got wind of it back in June. Inchoate Landscapes, now on show at Peacock Visual Arts in Scotland, sees a newly completed suite of seven prints placed within the broader context of his practice and interest in the built environment.
The new prints are exhibited alongside 26 of Paterson's previous works, showcasing his explorations in various forms and mediums. For the latest suite he has worked with lino, lithography, digital print and etching, as well as relief and silkscreen printing, all requiring a close collaboration with Peacock Visual Arts' master printmakers, with whom the artist has been developing the works since early 2010.
'Relationships between the prints themselves and the painting, sculpture and photography selected may be directly formal but also allude to historical and theoretical themes that surface repeatedly in my work,' explains the artist. 'This show also echoes the fluctuating state of the cities that inspired the work in the first place.'