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At Wallpaper* we're famous for working with some of the most talented designers from across the globe. So naturally when the opportunity arose to partner with a country that's given birth to some of the world's best creative minds we grabbed it with both hands.

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Switzerland is renowned not only for its rich heritage and stunning natural beauty but also for the amazing wealth of activities constantly on hand for curious visitors. Our collaboration with Switzerland Tourism has been broadcasting the message to all through a series of three innovative and original posters incorporating the talents of three Swiss design agencies, each commissioned to represent individual regions in one attention-grabbing image.

Lehni-Trüb are a renowned multi-disciplinary design studio, responsible, among other things, for producing the latest catalogue for British designer Peter Saville. They have been awarded their government's Most Beautiful Swiss Book award numerously in recognition of their visually captivating creations.

Superburo are all about graphic design with passion and personality. For Wallpaper* they took a quirky approach to symbolic Swiss stereotypes, adding a distinctly personal touch to their final design.

Körner Union had a somewhat trickier task than the others – they had to depict nine different regions of Switzerland all in one graphic. The result was as impressive as it was unusual.