The Strait of Gibraltar, a stretch of water that lies between Spain and Morocco may only be a mere 14 km, but geopolitically speaking it is more akin to a deep abyss, separating as it does two major continents.
Fuelled by the idea of creating an imaginary infrastructure spanning the Strait and thus a deeper connection between Europe and Africa, 'Project Heracles' is the culmulative of a call to arms where participants were asked to respond with suggestions on a postcard.
From Bjarke Ingels's proposal of the 'Afro-Euro / Euro-Afro' currency, and
Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt’s tongue-in-cheek extension of London Underground's Northern Line, to a series of huge luminous buoys and an array of futuristic bridge constructions, hundreds of suggestions came in from around the world. Each and every one has been subsequently printed and displayed in the gallery space in editions of 100. Plus, in a move away from the normal exhibition template, each of the 25,000 postcards, currently on display at The Gopher Hole, is free for visitors to take away.
In addition to Lieven De Cauter and Dieter Lesage - the Belgian philosophers who started Project Heracles with their email conversation about a possible Eurafrican connection published in Domus magazine, a stellar group of thinkers, writers and curators associated with the cause were also invited to examine the postcards and each present a selection of six of the most provocative and creative proposals.