The young British artist Prem Sahib is at once a minimalist (of sorts) with an architectural bent and a keen interrogator of the human heart, particularly its lustier and more intimate beats. Indeed, his interest is in how architecture creates spaces of intimacy, sanctioned and unsanctioned, planned and appropriated, with particular reference to gay London and Berlin; though of course intimacy, snatched and secretive, or in plain sight, is a universal.

His first major institutional exhibition, ’Side On’, takes over the upper and lower galleries of the ICA, creating total spaces, and includes installation, performance, sculpture and works on paper. Performances include UNPLUCT, a collaboration with DJ and artist Jeffrey Hinton and part of Hinton’s ’Pit to Pube’ project (part tribute to untended body hair, part elegy for the 70s and 80s club scene in London and New York).