‘Where Are The Keys?’ – a large-scale exhibition of work by Turner prize-winning Scottish-born artist Douglas Gordon, encompassing photography, film, and mixed media creations from across two decades, is on show at the Collection Lambert museum in Avignon from now until November.

Douglas Gordon exhibition, Avignon

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Gordon’s 24-hour slow-motion version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, which received big attention and acclaim on its debut in 1993, features alongside more recent work such as Blind Stars, an eerie collection of photographs of French screen legends with their eyes gouged out of the paper.
Another film study, Between Darkness and Light, strikingly juxtaposes religious imagery (the Virgin Mary from The Song of Bernadette, 1943) with scenes from horror classic The Exorcist – a graphic exploration of Gordon’s enduring interest in the good versus evil dichotomy.
Whether as an exercise in cognitive exploration or as an elaborate aesthetic indulgence, the sum effect is one of quiet nightmare (in the best sense) – the surreal and often raw manifestation of Gordon’s relentlessly inquisitive subconscious on grand and fascinating display.