No one can deny the community spirit that drives the arts scene, but even we had to blink when we found out that gallerist Emmanuel Moatti has handed over the keys to his London gallery to two old friends, allowing them free rein to produce a 10-day jewellery exhibition. Against a back drop of the gallery's old master paintings by Brueghel, Chasseriau, De dreux, Guardi and Pannini, designer Cora Sheibani is showing her contemporary jewellery, while dealer Alain Cartier has assembled a collection of jewelled objets d'art.
Particularly favouring big statement pieces, Cora Sheibani's jewellery deals with the use of giant stones and gemstones. The exhibition branches out into two collections - the first based on food, specifically jelly and pastry, and the other on a series of wire-framed pieces, which were borne from the designer's desire to create an alternative to voluminous jewellery that wasn't chunky or heavy.
Shebani comes from undeniable art pedigree (her father is Swiss art dealer and former gallerist Bruno Bischofberger, long-time agent of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and family holidays were spent hosting visiting artists and people passionate about art and design), but the designer confesses the path to jewellery design wasn't always straightforward. 'My father initially discouraged me to go into anything creative,' she says. 'Now he's very happy and encouraging, and likes my work but, like any parent, he was apprehensive. It's difficult when you've seen most artists spend 10 years struggling to get a break'
Carrying on in a similar family vein, Alain Cartier is a fifth-generation member of the founding family of the Cartier empire. Having dealt in period jewellery pieces and jewelled objets d'art by French jewellers and silversmiths (1900-1960) for over 30 years, Cartier's exhibition 1960s.
There is the post-war selection of jewellery, alongside Cartier's speciality of writing instruments, cuff-links, silver table cigarette boxes, Art Deco clocks and a whole host of unusual smokers' items - all for sale.