We are the first to admit that when it comes to explaining ‘space truss geometry’, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe even more. So perhaps it's best you take a look at the pictures and videos for this story first and then come back to me.
Quadror video
Watch a video of Dror demonstrating how Quadror works
Quadror video
Watch a video of Dror building a wall using the Quadror
Are you back? Good.
Over the last few years, the American designer Dror Benshetrit and his studio has established itself as real Wallpaper* favourite with work that combines technical and engineering ingenuity with a proper conviction that looks matter.
And that certainly holds true with his QuaDror system
Four years ago Benshetrit came up with an apparently very simple piece of engineering; two interlocking members – pieces of wood cut in a particular way – that could fall apart but stay together in a unique and very supportive way. Benshetrit soon realised that he had something potentially revolutionary on his hands – real structural strength achieved very simply. He spent the next four years thoroughly testing his design and now has a patented system that can be applied to everything from trestle tables to temporary housing, sound barriers to seductive lighting.
He has just launched the system at Design Indaba in Cape Town with an emphasis on the potential for cheap and easy-build kit homes for developing countries or to be used in disaster relief. But Benshetrit is now looking for design and architecture partners to put QuaDror to use in all sorts of remarkable ways.