Confidently tackling the often architecturally challenging need for coexistence of the old and the new, the Powerhouse Company’s latest project, a modern extension to an old French countryside house, is a bold but well-thought out design.
Rightly named ‘Spiral’ House, the extension’s arm freely springs from the main house’s upper floor, twisting to the ground and creating a loose inner courtyard between its long volume and the main house. It is a clear step away from the existing structure’s architecture.
The commission involved an original farmhouse at the centre of a large, 13.000m2-wide property, located in Burgundy’s verdant rural landscape. Adding a further 200sq m, the extension designed by the Dutch-based practice
was destined to host the family’s new
guest rooms.
The extension was created in close consultation with the client, quickly developing into a high ceilinged long structure, open through glass walls on one side. A living room and library are situated on the lower end, adding an extra living space for the main residence, while the
two guest suites are situated at the more private, top end. An internal staircase running parallel to the extension’s inner outline accommodates the structure’s
soft inclination.
The rooms are distributed around the patio, which was designed as a soft reference to the area’s traditional ‘Clos’ courtyard, a common regional architectural type of enclosed vineyard. The volume’s lift helps the indoor space merge with the outside garden and surrounding park, while the patio also hosts the complex’s main entrance, artfully combining the old and new branches.
Defined by its openness as well as its skillful combination of interior and exterior space, Powerhouse Company's extension is an organic part of the complex. It not only connects guests with nature both visually and physically, but also effectively links the old and new, ensuring that guests are made to feel a welcome part of the family’s life.