Jo Malone launches global fragrance collection with Zara Home

The figure-of-eight fragrance collection comes direct from the creative minds behind two contemporary staples

Global fragrance collection with Zara Home
(Image credit: jomalone)

Jo Malone has partnered with Zara on a new fragrance collection. Both stalwarts of their respective industries, the brands meet 18 months ago, and have since formed a global partnership geared towards creative collaboration.

Inspired by the heritage of both brands, the fragrance collection is a direct reflection to the past, present and future of Jo Loves and Zara. Malone looked at Zara’s past fashion collections and worked with different ingredients to create eight fragrances. Each scent has a unique story behind it. ‘Using ingredients I have loved for many years, every fragrance has been crafted with personality and a voice to tell its story in a unique fashion,’ says Jo Malone CBE.

The eight fragrances include: Vetiver Pamplemousse – with notes of grapefruit, mandarin and vetiver, the Waterlily Tea Dress, containing bergamot, spearmint and musk; Ebony Wood – a more masculine scent consisting of peppercorn, clove and ebony wood and the Amalfi Sunray with it’s hints of bergamot, mandarin and orange flower. The Tuberose Noir scent is bold with essences of ylang ylang, tuberose sandalwood and musk. Fleur D’Oranger is regal in aroma, incorporating the orange flower, neroli and ylang ylang. Fleur De Patchouli is daring, with notes of peony, patchouli and guaiac wood while the Bohemian Bluebells is vivacious and vibrant in character with its lavender, sandalwood, musk and vanilla scent.

Each of the fragrances is contained in an elegant, clear bottle and come in three sizes: 90ml, 40ml and 10ml. ‘The bottle creatively reflects both brands: clean, modern and fresh. We didn’t want the packaging to distract from the storytelling of the fragrances. Each one is full of imagination and artistry – waiting to be discovered.'