Raise the tone: uplifting colour and elevating lines from the Cologne furniture fair

Split chair, sofa, & high table

(Image credit: Frau Caze)

From bottom left, Tecta; founded: 1956; based: Lauenförde; ‘Split’ chair, €790, by Daniel Lorch, for Tecta. Piure; founded: 2006; based: Munich. ‘Mesh Living’ cabinet, €1,548, by Werner Aisslinger, for Piure. Pulpo; founded: 2008; based: Lörrach; ‘Mila High’ table, €1,450, by Sebastian Herkner, for Pulpo. Fritz und Franken; founded: 2014; based: Munster; ‘Capula’ vase, €180, by Fritz und Franken. Schönbuch; founded: 1960; based: Bad Königshofen. ‘Guard’ cabinet, from €2,395, by Christian Haas, for Schönbuch. Frau Caze; founded: 2013; based: Berlin. ‘Natú’ sofa, €5,240, by Carolin Zeyher, for Frau Caze

Chair, oki table & armchair

(Image credit: Walter Knoll)

Left, from bottom left, Thonet; founded: 1859; based: Frankenberg. ‘S18’ table, from €268, by Uli Budde, for Thonet. Jan Kath; founded: 2002; based: Bochum. ‘Boro’ rug, €2,070 per sq m, by Jan Kath. COR; founded: 1954; based: Rheda-Wiedenbrück. ‘Roc’ armchair, €2,452, by Uwe Fischer, for COR. Wagner Living; founded: 1999; based: Augsburg. ‘D1’ chair, price on request, by Stefan Diez, for Wagner Living. Schneid; founded: 2012; based: Lübeck; 'Fil’ clothing rack, €1,990, by Julia Mülling, for Schneid.

Right, from bottom left, Walter Knoll; founded: 1865; based: Herrenberg. ‘Oki’ table, from; €2,200, by EOOS, for Walter Knoll. Zeitraum; founded: 1990; based: Wolfratshausen. ‘Nonoto’ bar stool, €1,090, by Läufer & Keichel, for Zeitraum. E15; founded: 1995; based: Frankfurt ‘Kerman’ chair, from €2,700, by Philipp Mainzer and Farah Ebrahimi, for E15. Tobias Grau; founded: 1987; based: Rellingen; ‘Globe’ light, from £598, by Tobias Grau. Richard Lampert; founded: 1993; based: Stuttgart. ‘Frog’ chair, £248, by Herbert Hirche, for Richard Lampert. ‘Rubino 2.0’ fabric in Mauve, Cognac and Royal

Room with chairs

(Image credit: Oliver Schwarzwald)

From bottom left, Rolf Benz; bounded: 1964; based: Nagold. ‘383’ chair and stool, from £1,103, by Joachim Nees, for Rolf Benz. Wilkhaun; founded: 1907; based: Bad Münder. ‘PrintStool One’ stool, €599, by Thorsten Franck, for Wilkhahn. Thomas Schnur; founded: 2011; based: Cologne. ‘Stand up’ shelf, €290, by Thomas Schnur. Schneid; founded: 2012; based: Lübeck. ‘Kaskad’ light, €899, by Julia Mülling and Niklas Jessen, for Schneid. New Tendency; founded: 2012; based: Berlin. ‘Masa’ table, £3,831; bench, £1,586, both by New Tendency. ‘Rubino 2.0’ fabric in Mustard, Mauve and Royal, £90 per m, all by Nya Nordiska

Interiors: Elena Mora. As originally featured in the April 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*217)

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