Parisian label Sandro takes on Reebok Classic’s InstaPump Fury

white and blue Reebok shoes
For spring/summer 2015, Parisian label Sandro has reinvented Reebok's cult classic, the InstaPump Fury
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With the recent spate of fashion-forward sportswear collaborations and launches reaching near fever pitch in 2014 - both Dior and Chanel invited trainers into their orbit, while new style-conscious sports retailers included Net-A-Sporter and Mode Sportif - it was only a matter of time before sports superbrand Reebok got in on the act.

For its high fashion debut, the Brit brand has found the perfect pairing in Parisian label Sandro, who will drop their take on Reebok's 1994 cult classic, the InstaPump Fury, for spring/summer 2015 in stores tomorrow.

The capsule collection of four designs - two men's and two women's - sees Sandro's mother and son duo fuse the 1990s retro futurism inherent in the trainer's pared-back silhouette with the spirit of 1970s clubbing, brought to life in subtle colour blocks and luxe finishes like sleek oil patent, mesh and vinyl.

'The Reebok design team brought us a completely different vision of what is technically possible,' says Ilan Chetrite, creative cirector of Sandro Homme, of the experience. 'For instance with the way we could stamp the brand logo or what kind of technical fabric we could use on the shoe.'

Having made its name championing a nonchalant, contemporary style with a hint of adrogyny, luxury performance footwear is a genre that the accessible label steps into with ease. 'The Sandro motto is to feel comfortable in what you wear but still with a chic and cool attitude,' explains founder Evelyne Chétrite. 'In that way the Fury adds an offbeat detail to the Sandro silhouette.'

Model wearing reebok shoes

Launching tomorrow, the capsule collection comprises four shoes - two men's and two women's

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white reebok shoes

The designs fuse 1990s retro futurism with the spirit of 1970s clubbing

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Blue reebok shoes

'For the women, we thought the idea to mix this 1990's sneaker with 1970’s suede-fringed jackets or suede mini skirts was very interesting,' explains Sandro founder Evelyne Chétrite

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model wearing reebok sneaker

Ilan Chetrite, creative cirector of Sandro Homme adds, 'For the men, we wanted this iconic sneaker that expressed innovation in the 1990s, to be worn in contrast with a suit or paired with a nylon windbreaker.'

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black reebok shoes

The collection features subtle colour blocks and luxe finishes like sleek oil patent, mesh and vinyl

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