Minimal design meets meticulous craft in Lindberg’s latest frames

Danish eyewear brand Lindberg’s minimalist models effortlessly fuse architectural sensibilities with technical precision

Left image: white background, bare hand, pair of sunglasses on a reflective surface. Right: Black background, bare hand, pair of sunglasses
Left, model no. 8836, part of the Sun Titanium collection, £390, by Lindberg. Right, model no. 2489, part of the Strip3p Titanium collection £440, by Lindberg. 
(Image credit: Josh David Payne)

In partnership with Lindberg

Danish eyewear brand Lindberg, which was founded in 1986 by architect Henrik Lindberg and his optometrist father Poul-Jørn Lindberg, has built a reputation on meticulous craftsmanship, innovation and quality engineering, something that is evident in the lightness of its frames, their delicate construction, and the daring way in which every design detail is on display.

Lindberg’s new 8336 model is a typical example of the brand’s aesthetic – from the tip on the nose pad arms peeking through the transparent composite front to the flawless hinges, everything appears effortless at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a masterpiece in state-of-the-art, technical innovation.

Black background, pair of sunglasses angled on a reflective surface

Model no. 8591, part of the Sun Titanium collection, £390, by Lindberg

(Image credit: Josh David Payne)

The latest Strip3p Titanium models, meanwhile, are a light expression of scrupulous engineering, minimalism and precision. Lindberg’s extensive modular system allows for the dynamic customisation of elements to suit personal style and needs. Individual pieces are adapted to complement facial features, personality and style, giving context beyond the scope of conventional gender parameters. Frames become a playground for exploring myriad, ingenious solutions and combinations.

Materials are crucial to Lindberg. Each pair of unique glasses is individually crafted and hand-finished by eyewear specialists using long-lasting, responsibly sourced, natural materials only, including titanium, platinum, gold, buffalo horn and diamonds. Every frame is ultra-lightweight and assembled without screws or rivets. Compositionally transformative but rooted in the Danish design tradition, Lindberg is the eyewear brand for the sophisticated minimalist.


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