It may come as little surprise to hear that we’ve always had a bit of a thing for Karl Lagerfeld - particularly considering his latest foray into journalism as October’s Wallpaper* guest editor - but this month Karl has revealed a new and unexpected guise, which only makes us love him that little bit more.
mini karl
K Karl Lagerfeld - the enigma’s eponymous denim brand - has announced a high-colour pairing with Japanese-inspired, Rome-based cult brand Tokidoki, to produce nothing less than a limited-edition, miniature version of Karl himself.
The brain child of Italian designer Simone Legno, Tokidoki - meaning ’sometimes’ in Japanese - takes the manga-esque aesthetic of teen scene Tokyo as its cue, producing clothing, accessories and a whole host of vinyl toys that have been sold in Tokidoki’s quirky boutiques around the world for the past six years.
Considering K Karl Lagerfeld’s less than cuddly approach - with the brand’s characteristic hard edges and monochromatic denim palette - the collaborative project is something of a curve ball - but then who are we to question the creative machinations of this particular icon?
A limited run of 1,000 25cm-high Karls - in all their granite-hued, ponytailed plastic glory - will be available in Tokidoki stores in New York, Milan and LA, whilst selected K Karl Lagerfeld retailers will also hold a few in stock. If you miss the toys however, do not fret, a range of Mini Karl, K Karl Lagerfeld t-shirts will be available come Spring 2010.