Furniture designer Andy Jacobs, of Wormhole Design, has teamed up with printmaker and former Wallpaper* cover artist Paul Catherall to take Londoners ‘Through the Wormhole’ for an intriguing new exhibition at London's Bankside Gallery. Catherall’s prints - bold depictions of the city’s architectural landmarks - form the evocative backdrop to Jacobs’ angular pieces, which draw inspiration from musical culture and the digital world.
The gallery serves as the home of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers; the concept behind the show was to select one of its members to fill the walls for Jacob's first major show and infuse the space with a sense of ‘liveability’ and homeliness, adding a twist to the exhibit. ‘After our first meeting we realised that the prints and furniture could work together very well,’ explains Catherall. ‘Andy provided me with images of the pieces to be shown and I went through my prints to filter out sympathetic shapes and compositions.’

Indeed, Jacobs’ futuristic handcrafted wood pieces (with ultra-contemporary monikers to match, such as ‘Autonomic’ and ‘Stealth’) form a lively counterpoint to Catherall’s striking artworks. 'We both appreciate angular design so it wasn't difficult,' says Catherall on the curatorial process. 'Silhouette is important to both of us so it became quite a natural process "matching up" my works and his.’ There’s a captivating visual dialogue that threads these two bodies of work together – both designers successfully re-imagine the future in their craft - making this show well worth a visit.