Shape shifter: Calico Wallpaper designs made wearable

Shape shifter: Calico Wallpaper designs made wearable

The Brooklyn-based studio, Calico Wallpaper, has spent the last few years shaking off the fusty reputation of wallpaper as a whole. What started as an experiment to turn unique, handmade patterns into large, non-repeating wall murals has spawned an intoxicating collection of marbled, chromatic and gilded works that are atmospheric, textural and chic all at once. Produced with the help of digital enlargement, no two installations are quite the same. 

That is until now. Calico Wallpaper has teamed up with the democratic digital fashion platform, Print All Over Me, to replicate some of their most recognisable designs in wearable form. Depicted on a selection of Print All Over Me’s product silhouettes, the collaboration is comprised of clothing, accessories and home goods that display Calico Wallpaper’s artistic patterns in true unadulterated fashion.

Whether it’s the whimsy of their ombré Aurora design, captured in cotton oxford shirts for men or blousy silk dresses for women, or its gilded marbled pattern that boisterously appears on cushions, hats, jumpsuits or sweaters, the offerings are ripe for the picking. 

The collection is on sale exclusively at the Brooklyn boutique Swords-Smith within a specially designed installation in store.

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