Hair growth products for healthier-looking hair

Get stronger, healthier-looking hair with our edit of hair growth products that spans serums, shampoos, and supplements

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Originally featured in the September 2015 issue of Wallpaper*
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Hair growth products experienced a newfound popularity in the wake of Covid-19, with many people experiencing hair loss as a consequence of emotional stress and poor health. In response, a number of popular beauty brands, including Dr Barbara Sturm and The Nue Co, reworked their knowledge of restorative skincare and supplements into hair products that could strengthen hair from root to tip. Meanwhile, established haircare brands such as Oribe launched new collections that focused on reducing hair fall and encouraging growth. 

Here, we break down the best hair growth products

We Are Paradoxx Bio-Tech Growth products

Hair growth shampoo, conditioner and serum from We Are Paradoxx

(Image credit: We Are Paradoxx)

The simple packaging of We Are Paradoxx belies great formulations that delivers high-end results at reasonable prices. Their new hair growth shampoo and conditioner uses the brand’s patented ‘ rioplexx' complex of actives to stimulate hair follicles and strengthen hair bonds. While the Advanced Scalp Serum promises to increase hair thickness by up to 75 per cent and decreases hair fall after brushing by 50 per cent. 

Also worth trying is the brand’s ‘Repair’ hair mask. Its a favourite of ours for quickly transforming highly damaged and dull hair.

K18 shampoo 

K18 shampoo

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K18’s Leave in Molecular Hair Mask is one of the most buzzed about launches in beauty, and rightfully so. Its patented peptide technology goes deep into the hair to reconnect broken keratin chains and drastically repair damage caused by colouring, bleaching, and heat.

Now the K18 formula is also available as a shampoo, designed to cleanse hair while supplying it with the same reparative peptides. Those with coloured hair should try the Detox shampoo, which is designed to remove product and dirt build-up without stripping colour, while those who prefer regular washes should try the Maintenance shampoo, which is specifically designed for everyday use.

Dr Barbara Sturm's Anti-Hair Fall Serum

Hair growth products by Dr Barbara Sturm

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There are few people in skincare who are willing to go to the same extremes as Dr Barbara Sturm. Now, the inventor of the vampire facial is applying her anti-ageing and restorative methods to haircare with her new line of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serums. The brand’s Anti-Hair Fall Serum is formulated with camellia and larch to strengthen hair at its root, while pro-vitamin B5 prevents split ends. 

It’s especially well suited to those who worry about hair loss but don’t want to give up on blow-drying or heat-straightening hair, as it contains sunflower sprout extract that protects against heat and other environmental damage.

Augustinus Bader haircare

Hair growth products by Augustinus Bader

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The same TFC8 Complex that made Augustinus Bader’s skincare a sensation is also present in its new haircare line. The collection, which is informed by Professor Bader’s stem cell research, stimulates cells along the scalp to trigger regrowth. The addition of magnesium, copper and zinc provides an extra hair-strengthening boost. 

The Scalp Serum is formulated with peppermint extract to clear blocked follicles, making it a good option for those looking to combat dandruff or itchiness. The Hair Oil is best for those who want to support hair growth while fighting frizziness.

The Nue Co Growth Collection supplements

The Nue Co Supa Thick and Growth Phase hair growth supplements

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The Nue Co’s two-step supplements, Supa Thick and Growth Phase, combine to protect the hair you already have and encourage new growth. A topical cream and an ingestible supplement, the products deliver nutrients, key vitamins and micronutrients to address four key factors behind hair loss and thinning – stress, nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance, and pollution. Together they make a powerful treatment that is best suited to those looking for intensive results. 

Says The Nue Co founder Jules Miller, ‘Having gone through phases of losing substantial [amounts of] hair (most recently after my Covid recovery), I’ve learnt a lot about the powerful benefits of essential oils and the cutting-edge technology necessary to address hair growth from the inside out. The Growth Collection is perfect for the woman who is shedding more and more hair, and is looking for medical-grade results, using a non-hormonal and drug-free solution.’

Oribe Hair Alchemy collection

Oribe hair growth products

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The new Hair Alchemy collection from luxury haircare brand Oribe is specifically designed to strengthen hair from the inside out. The shampoo, conditioner, and treatment serum combine ancient superfoods, like chia seed and bio-fermented bamboo leaf, with phytotechnology to increase elasticity while reducing hair fall caused by breakage.

Vida Glow Hairology capsules  

Hairology capsules by Vida Glow

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Vida Glow’s hair growth supplements use their trademark, pea sprout derived active ’AnaGain’ to reduce hair loss by 34 per cent after 28 days. Additional ingredients like brown seaweed extract, zinc and biotin help to strengthen hair follicles and improve hair thickness.

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