Leica calls for entries to 2023 Women Foto Project Award

The legendary camera maker announces its call for entries to the 2023 Leica Women Foto Project Award. As the award expands its global reach, here’s how to enter.

A person wearing a red max dress. The person is resting halfway up a tree.
From the series Where Do I Go? by Rania Matar, a winner of the 2022 Leica Women Foto Project Award.
(Image credit: Rania Matar)

In partnership with Leica

The 2023 Leica Women Foto Project Award, the latest iteration of the storied camera manufacturer’s annual celebration of female photographers, has just announced its call for entries. This year, the initiative is promoting diversity in photography by expanding to  new regions across the globe. For the first time, Leica will accept entries from the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada in addition to the United States, awarding one winner per region. Prizes include a Leica SL2-S camera, a Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-70mm f/2.8 ASPH lens, and $10,000 (USD).  

Applicants are requested to submit a photo story created with any make or model of camera (owning a Leica is not required) that bears witness to humanity from the female perspective. Submissions will be assessed by a diverse group of judges renowned in the field, who will base their decisions on quality, sophistication and dedication. 

A woman walking by the sea, holding red kirts

From the series Where Do I Go? by Rania Matar, a 2022 award winner.

(Image credit: Rania Matar)

The award’s expansion serves to harness the art of photography to spotlight stories through a cross-cultural female lens. 

‘Photography has the power to give reason for hope: don't look the other way, shake things up, express and advocate for change,’ says art director of Leica Galleries Worldwide and award juror Karin Rehn-Kaufmann. ‘The connection to humanity and our responsibility to bear witness to its moments is at the heart of Leica’s culture – from the Leica Oskar Barnack Award to the Leica Women Foto Project Award. With these initiatives, we recognise and celebrate the courageous photographers and the stories they express through their unique lens.’ 

A woman in a red dress lying on spiral staircase

From the series Where Do I Go? by Rania Matar, a 2022 award winner.

(Image credit: Rania Matar)

Since its inception in 2019, the Leica Women Foto Project Award’s mission is to encourage photographers to demonstrate the importance and impact of a female point of view. ‘Leica is often known for being associated with the great icons of photography, but as a brand we are equally passionate about fostering the development of underrepresented visual storytellers,’ says Lydia Beagelman, head of marketing and PR for Leica Camera UK. ‘With the Leica Women Foto Project, we want to shine a light on the female perspective and the importance of capturing moments that bear witness to how we see and interact with our world.’

How to enter 2023 Leica Women Foto Project Award

Applications can be submitted through the online registration form found on www.leicawomenfotoproject.com with terms and conditions. Candidates must be legal residents of US, Canada, UK, or Mexico and 21 years or older at time and date of entry. Entries close on 7 November at 11.59pm EST. Leica Camera will announce the winners on 8 March 2023.


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