FOPE celebrates fluid flexibility with gold mesh chains

FOPE builds on a century of craftsmanship with innovative new jewellery collection, ‘Luna’

A portrait photo of a female wearing multi-layered necklace and wrist bracelet.
(Image credit: FOPE)

In partnership with FOPE

Italian elegance meets innovative design in goldsmithing company FOPE, which brings a chic technicality to its new jewellery collection, ‘Luna’.

Composed of intricate 18ct gold mesh chains, FOPE’s ‘Luna’ collection embodies a fluid flexibility in a savvy use of the Flex’it concept, which the brand patented in 2007, originally designed for bracelets and rings.

Three circular necklaces.

(Image credit: FOPE)

An update on its original invention, which appeared in the 1950s, the intricate system is composed of tiny gold springs that rest in between the gold links, imbuing the timeless gold chain with a wearable elasticity. Since then, this original technology has become a mainstay of FOPE’s collections, resulting in jewellery defined by its smoothness and comfort.

A woman posing with chain bracelet and chain necklace

(Image credit: FOPE)

Bracelets can be effortlessly rolled over the hand and on to the wrist, while rings are slipped on to any finger with no need to worry about sizing, the technology making pieces both effortless to wear and to gift. 

Now, the new FOPE collections build on this unique Flex’it technology, with bracelets and – for the first time – necklaces, in white, yellow and rose gold, for pieces loved by both women and men. The newly introduced choker-style necklaces join the ‘Luna’ collection, embracing the curves of the neck in a comfortable rethink of a classic adornment.

A rose gold bracelet

(Image credit: FOPE)

The new pieces draw on FOPE’s rich heritage. Originally established in Vicenza, Italy, in 1929, FOPE created all its pieces in-house from its own headquarters and production facilities, a tradition that endures today. 

The Flex’it invention and distinctive, signature gold mesh chain remain hallmarks of FOPE, the brand’s quintessentially Italian style characterised by its technology, which continues to develop over the decades. The resulting pieces, unlike anything else in the jewellery industry, have become international, with FOPE boutiques in Venice, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Isola Bella, in Italy’s Lake Maggiore.

A woman posing with necklace

(Image credit: FOPE)

The very particular aesthetic also defines creative campaigns, with the jewellery recently inspiring a collaboration with Italian duo Ivan Grianti and Vieri Dalla Chiesa. In dynamic photography, the fluidity of the pieces becomes encapsulated in the moves of a gymnast, her graceful dynamism reflected in her flexible golden jewellery.

woman posing with chain bracelet and chain necklace

(Image credit: FOPE)


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