Huawei exhibition celebrates the power of smartphone photography

Huawei XMAGE, the smartphone innovator’s mobile imaging arm, curates a photography exhibition that highlights the creative power of its technology

Picture of cat that seems to have a brush for a head, from HUAWEI XMAGE PHOTO EXHIBITION
Punk Cat, by Somporn Taramaha using Huawei P30
(Image credit: © Somporn Taramaha)

In partnership with Huawei

The scene from a farm in Auckland, New Zealand, shot by Wu Guohua through a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone lens, captures a magically spontaneous moment. Flying Rooster shows an airborne chicken, of apparently giant proportions, humans and buildings in the background dwarfed by its colourful plumage. In Autumnal Poland, a mother, walking through the city with her son, sees sunlight passing through a playground prism and illuminating the boy’s face in a kaleidoscopic pattern.

Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition image of seemingly giant rooster

Flying Rooster, by Wu Guohua using Huawei P30 Pro

(Image credit: © Wu Guohua)

Another picture, Hand in Hand, shot by Chinese sailor Xiaosong at Qinhuangdao beach in North China's Hebei Province, just as the sun was setting, frames a couple walking by, holding hands. ‘When I turned the photo upside down,’ says Xiaosong, ‘patterns in the sand became as beautiful as clouds in the sky.’

Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition image of two people walking on sand

Hand in Hand, by Chinese sailor Xiaosong

(Image credit: © Xiaosong)

‘A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography’

All three images were chosen for inclusion in a new exhibition that debuted in Dubai this month (8 – 10 May 2024). ‘A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography’, curated by Huawei XMAGE, the brand’s mobile imaging arm, features some 300 photographs taken by keen-eyed amateurs, using Huawei smartphones. Selected from millions of submissions, the exhibition’s images convey moments of warmth, tranquillity and brightness from every corner of the globe.

Person at Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition

Installation view of ‘A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography’ in Dubai, May 2024

(Image credit: Courtesy Huawei)

They are brought together to ignite the Huawei XMAGE consumer’s imagination, and appreciation for the scope of its leading-edge imaging technology. The brand sees the creativity it enables as a way to imbue photography with a more profound emotive impact. ‘A powerful photo is not only about perfect composition, tone, and colour, but more about seeing the creator's emotions and thoughts beyond the captured frame,’ it states. And so, this exhibition celebrates what it calls ‘the power of image’.

Huawei Pura series and image creation

Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition portrait

Tired, by Ferdinand Bedana using Huawei Mate 50 Pro

(Image credit: © Ferdinand Bedana)

Specially developed for image creation, memory and communication, the Huawei P series of smartphones has been pushing technological boundaries since it was introduced in 2012. Now comprehensively refreshed and upgraded to the Huawei Pura series, its imaging capabilities provide users with a creative canvas to produce more impactful and influential works than ever before.

Notably, the exhibition’s ‘The Power of Moments’ category – one of eight overall – is dedicated to highlighting the capabilities of the newly released Huawei Pura 70 Ultra Speed Snapshot.

Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition abstract image of bark

Taken by Song Yi, using Huawei Pura 70 Pro

(Image credit: © Song Yi)

Exhibition curator Chen Xiaobo, ninth vice president of the China Photographers Association, intends ‘A Heartwarming World’ as a synergy of technology and art, an exploration of photography’s ability to bear witness to the beauty of nature and humanity. ‘On an early spring night, thousands of images from Huawei users around the world flooded in,’ he says, recalling the project’s gestation. ‘To my surprise, almost every frame conveyed a certain aura – one that was both warm and illuminating. These charming moments, artfully captured by Huawei phones, poetically articulate the shared culture and emotions of humanity, as well as the tranquil essence of life that we all yearn for.’

Huawei XMAGE photo exhibition in Dubai

Installation view of ‘A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography’ in Dubai, May 2024

(Image credit: Courtesy Huawei)

Encouraging creators to unleash their imagination, Huawei XMAGE doesn’t define a good photograph by any specific visual style or theme. Instead, it aims to expand the photographic possibilities available to users through innovative technology.

‘A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography’ debuted in Dubai, 8 – 10 May 2024, and will travel to Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Shanghai, and other locations.